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When We think about Fashion & Style from the 90’s the first person that come’s to my Mind is “Coolie No 1” or “Hero No1”,Yes our Very own GOVINDA!.The man Not only stood because of his Humor But also because of his bizarre dressing! Govinda might be losing his hair but what Govinda is sticking through, is his ‘sense of style’. Bollywood has time and again slammed him as the worst dressed star,sometimes he is like a blast of colors, literally. While his dressing style has matured over the years, he does display some disastrous clothing which is a quite a sight to look at and that slight paunch doesn’t help at all.But we sincerely believe no one else in Bollywood could pull off the over the top Kurtas to shiny suits,like Him!!

Page3Nashik Bring you some trademark fashion styles from Govinda!Good Or bad u decide!

1. Show your black ganji (vest) to have a killer yet stylish look at the same time-This killer combination enhances his masculinity and can grab good amount attention from girls as well.Dont forget to put on a weird jacket! 1-1 2.Wear Printed/Floral shirts Whenever and Wherever necessary-Don’t be afraid of the world just go with the flow and carry it like “ChiChi” does. Dance it off!Phool Khile Hai Gulshan Gulshan! images3. The Jhatak-Matak-If you ever spot a rainbow near Chi Chi’s house, it’s most likely our beloved jhatak-matak himself! With clothes as snazzy as his dance moves in moviesWe say Unless you’re going to a beach party (or Bappi Da’s house), ditch the Hawaiian shirts please! Govinda 4. No weather only Leather-If you’re a Ladies Manor a biker Guy try  Chi-Chis Favorite”Leather”,The leather brings out the man in you. Wear Leather pants or leather jackets. Wear it with gloves. This will definitely get you some girls number & don’t bother about How your principal and teacher will react Because tera “Principal Bhi Chi Chi ki Fan hai”.  govinda-2 (1)5. Wear a gunji with a pink scraf.( our personal favourite)-Going tocollege or a party..Try this look and don’t forget to give your hair some curls.And Having a bike and guitar (who cares if you don’t know how to play it!)will increase your chances of look from girls 1-6  6. Suited Booted Rajababu – So Okay! You are going for a party,remember to carry your lights from Diwali!Connect it with your suit and let the World watch u Glow! sb 7. Denim Denim Denim All the way -Full denim get up with leopard-python-zebra prints thrown around generously will make sure you grab some more attention and make you feel goooooddddd…. 1-88. Wear Blinding people Blue: Okay So you have a bad hair or ski’s breaking out day and you  don’t know, how to go to a party with that! Simple just wear blinding blue,Not only will people be blinded by it it will keep them looking off Your Face! and don’t forget your or you might be blinded by the bling yourself!! 1375701815_542899. Leather/Tight pants for a better style statement-Wear tight leather pants so that it reflects on your face.Hide your facial expression by wearing shades so that people won’t understand the discomfort you are going through. Saaton janam tujhko paate gori tere nainon mein hum bas jaate”  govinda-best-worst-dressed-nov-10-2013_010.Yellow or Orange I will wear I Swear-Ever heard of a mis-match day in college.  Wear yellow and orange together and make the world more bright. Go On Be Your own little Mr Sunshine!! govinda-2PS:The writer of this article is a CHI-CHI fan!Well we Conclude by saying,

“Tu Mera Tu Mera,Tu Mera HERO NO 1!”& don’t forget to keep it stylisn like CHI-CHI

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