[Video] Nashik: doctor saves life in the middle of the road

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In Nashik’s Panchavati region, two bikes collided and a youth suffered severe injuries and blood loss. It was essential to supply him a timely treatment. Miraculously, a doctor passing by revealed his presence of mind and medicated him instantly. Because of that, the Crash victim was rescued.

Nashik’s doctor has set an example for the mankind. When the accidents occur, folks turn into mute audiences. However, Dr Suhas Kotak came ahead and handled a crash victim on the street.

  •  The accident took place on December 26 in Amrutdham, Panchavati, Nashik.
  • 3 youth was injured in a bike accident.
  • One youth suffered a major brain injury.
  • There was a continuous blood loss from his mouth.

Dr Suhas Kotak stated, “I watched the audience on the street and got off my vehicle. One youth was severely injured and there was a massive blood loss. Instead of waiting for the ambulance to get there, I started off with his treatment with the assistance of oxygen pump and resuscitation kit”

He also added, “His life could have been in danger when the blood coming from his mouth could have attained his lungs. Thus, taking him to the hospital could have also been risky. {He had been treated for 10 to 15 minutes. |} After that, he had been sent to Nashik Medical College with an ambulance. Now, he’s recovering.”

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