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They say music is the strongest form of magic. Every person has his or her specific opinion about music. Music taste differs from person to person; it can be soothing, energizing, relaxing, and many more. A wide range of music consists of rap, pop, rock, country, indie, alternative, hardcore etc. As we say opposites attract but on the contrary when we talk about music, we get along with people with similar liking for music.

Today we celebrate the most magical days of all ‘World Music Day’. The World Music Day has its origin back then in 1982, France. Fête de la Musique, which is also known as the World Music Day is celebrated in more than 460 cities in 110 countries.

Music has a special power to move and stir our emotions. One can connect to music in good as well as bad times. It is scientifically proven that music can change ones mood and even help one concentrate. At times music is just the unsaid words or feelings. Music is something which speaks louder than words or even actions.


Music is your all-time companion and gives one the following benefits:-

– Plugging into your favourite music can help you melt away the bad mood.

– A new ‘digital medication’ called Ubrain, which is available for downloads onto all the smart phones, is said to be able to help people focus, energize, and wake up as well as relax.

– Music helps increase endurance by almost 15 per cent, as well as increasing energy efficiency ranging from 1-3 per cent.

–  Music can be an effective and positive treatment for the people dealing with mental health problems.

–  Music can pick you up and put in a better place when feeling stressed.

–  Music can have a very positive impact on patients with long term sufferings such as, heart disease, cancer and respiratory problems.

We can summarise that music is the first aid kit to adults as well as toddlers. The world of music has extended its arms all over the globe. Nashik is the next hot destination for music. Bands like Diabolic lords, Mrityunjay and many more have penetrated their sounds in the city and are gaining tremendous success.

Nashikites, turn up the magical music and put your hands up in the air!!

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