Wow! Varun Dhawan Shoots in Nashik Jail!

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varun_dhawan_jailSo it appears Varun Dhawan has decided to Brush off the chocolate boy Image,For a change you won’t see him running across fields or singing songs on top of a bus or using his flirty charming self to wooooo the heroine!!Varun Dhawan is ready to take us by surprise. He seems to have pushed the boundaries in his new film titled Badlapur. The film, which is a dark thriller, revolves around violence and sex,unlike his previous lovy dovy movies

Be it something as trivial as spotting a beard to shoot a scene in a morgue full of dead corpses or meet real time inmates in jail,Varun Dhawan seems to be going all out for his new movie Badalpur!!

For a particular sequence for the Sriram Raghavan directorial, Varun had to shoot in Nashik jail in a scene where he meets the women convicts from the jail. The scene was shot over two days and Nawazuddin Siddiqui was also a part of it. Varun, who visited the jail for the first time, was initially skeptical but was taken aback to see that the women convicts lived in the jail with their kids, aged below five years. Varun even met some of them after the shoot.

May be if Girls got to know a little earlier we would have flocked to Nashik jail to catch a glimpse of the unbelivably charming Varun;-)Page3Nashik wishes you ALL THE BEST VARUN!!!

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