You have to read about these 3 promises not fulfilled in Nashik

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There is a lot to boast about Nashik. Located in the Golden triangle right in the laps of the beauty of Mother Nature, has a fertile soil and plentiful rainfall. Factually, it is the 3rd most industrialized city of Maharashtra, the 4th in India and 16th fastest developing city in the world.  Looking at the figures, Nashik is indeed freewheeling on the path of development. Nashik is even touted to be the next metro.

A number of Big Bang Projects were announced and even unfurled with great gusto and fervor. The Corporation has time and again painted the town red promising the citizens the moon. The following magnanimous projects showed the dreamy seeds of growth and development for Nashikites.

Nashik Airport:

A Flight that never took off
Nashik Airpot: Wanting to fly high

Nashik Airpot: Wanting to fly high

Much awaited by Nashikites who have to go to Mumbai to travel via air. Looking at the way Nashik is coming up in terms of being an education hub and a potential business destination.

Inaugurated on March 2 this year, both (regular) flights and hopes are waiting to take off. Infact, the Airport garnered lukewarm responses. Check out the tweets when Nashik-Pune fights were announced.

Nashik Floating dreams

Boat Club: Actor Salman Khan and Suniel Shetty inaugurated the boat club in Nashik on February 24 2014. The venture opened at Gangapur Dam premises in the presence of MP Sameer Bhujbal and other dignitaries.

Salman Khan expressed his feeling for the developmental changes in Nashik. He even went on to say that e got the feeling of Bangkok in Nashik.

However even with all the star power, the idea did not go down too well with the environmentalists. Infact /national Daily Indian Express too highlighted the fact. (Read Here)

Pre-Paid Auto In Nashik:

The major benefit of these service was cited that the people in the city will save themselves from a lot of frustration. Especially those who are new to the city would be saved from getting cheated by the auto rickshaw drivers.

PRe-paid auto: mixed responses

PRe-paid auto: mixed responses

All the passengers would need passengers will get a receipt at the booth after paying the fare for going to desired location. They will simply have to submit the receipt to the driver once they reach the desired location.

Would you like to know how the citizens received the change, Read:

The sad part is, according to most Nashikites, this hasn’t really helped them much.

The denizens of Nashik want to know today is whether the vehemence has fizzed out and failed to bear it out in the long-run.

Page3Nashik too has enthusiastically written about the ventures. Here is what Nashikites have to say about their beloved grape-city and the promises that could further elevate Nashik in terms of infrastructure as well as state of the art facilities to rub shoulders with other metros.

Airport, IT Park, there are so many projects with a pending status. We need a government and a system that can work on promoting  Nashik as a Tourism, Industrial and Educational Hub. The structure exists for all of these options. What we need is development on all these fronts. …..Shrikanth Nair, Programming Head, Radio Mirchi. 

Nashik is the Mecca of pilgrim for Hindus. This year was the year of the auspicious year of the Kumbh and large numbers of promises were made again to the citizens. The question is, were they truly delivered to Nashikites? I agree to the fact that the city did get under a lot of aesthetic changes and a lot of renovation was carried out in terms of the infrastructure, the roads were repaired and up gradation of a lot of other important streets and bridges took place. The management was praised and other emergency services were lauded. But what after the Kumbh Mela 2015? Are these facilities going to sustain or they are just going to be short-lived. Would Nasikities have to wait for another 12 years to get their city revamped? That is the million dollar question.. Nikunj Gupta, CA. 
Development of Nasik is bound to happen as Mumbai-Ahmedabad bound bullet train, might have a halt at Nashik as proposed by Devendra Fadnavis. As far as the airport is concerned, I am sure it will resume soon and we will have more flights ensuring connectivity to different cities. We as citizens should not expect transformations instantly.  If they come instantly it will only have temporary outcomes. Let’s hope and pray that Nashik proceeds towards a steady growth… Prasad Jadhav, Psychologist.

It turned to be a case of much ado about nothing, he performance as far as the city projects and improvement is concerned “definitely” leaves a lot to be desired. The representatives have not been able to explain convincingly as to why they failed to secure a green signal or were unable to start several key projects.

Are there any other projects rusting on he vine? do you feel strongly about them. Here is your opportunity to vent. Let’s pour it out at Page3Nashik. We are all ears.


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