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As it is rightly said, “Actions speaks louder than words” and that is exactly what the young girl residing in Deolali Camp, Nashik followed. Vaishali Mojad, a college student took a great initiative by working on the pot holes near her college with her own pocket money. This young damsel, without waiting for the concerned authorities to take actions on re-constructing the damaged roads, spent all that she saved from here pocket money to have a hassle free drive.

Vaishali opines that, “I spent my pocket money to do a beneficiary act for the public at large. I, being the student representative feel that this is our responsibility but there is still more to be achieved. I have done my contribution and believe that the concerned officials will also do their bit.”

The NMC personnel spent huge quantum to suffice their sundry expenses. All the money is negatively utilized for self purposes. The incessant rains have detriment the routes all over Nashik but no action is taken till date to revise the loss occurred.

Vaishali observed the negligent approach of the NMC and helped herself by at least working on the pot holes in her vicinity, which in itself is a commendable job by the brave girl. It is hard to believe that the one who does not has any authority does wonders and the one who has all the power to change the scenario does nothing!

NMC should now open its eyes and look for steps which can recover their image in the eyes of the young blood. It’s time that things are taken seriously and executed in the least possible time.

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