Page3 DIY : How to revamp you Old T-shirt to an off shoulder tops?

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off shoulder tops

off shoulder tops

Hi you beautiful people! Recently i have been obsessed with off shoulder tops ! And boy, wish i could live in those forever! ( Like ever! Yeah I mean it haha) i believe every girl looks gorgeous in off shoulder tops. Yes you heard it right, Every girl! No matter what size or shape. It is a perfect way to flaunt your beautiful shoulders. You can team it with skinny denims or hot pants and even skirts! The choice is yours! This look is cute as well as sexy at the same time. This trend has never really vanished since the 90’s and still manages to rock the fashion industry! So here il be showing you guys how to revamp your old tshirt into an off shoulder top in just 4 easy steps!

off shoulder tops DIY

off shoulder tops DIY

All you will be needing is
1. A pair of scissors
2. An old t-shirt
3. A measurement tape
4. A chalk or a marker

I suggest you guys to use a  t -shirt which is your least favourite because i would hate if you guys end up messing your favourite t-shirt! OMG! NUH-UH!

1.Fold your t-shirt into half.:

2.Mark the Center of the collar. After marking, place the t-shirt flat on a table or a chopping board to avoid spoiling your floor.

3.Measure the length across your neck to the shoulder:Place the
measuring tape on your right side of the neck and take it across your left shoulder. The length is your choice!Remember, keep 2 inches less because we can always chop out a little more if needed.

4.Mark the center of your respective measurement:If your measurement is 30cms then take half of it that is 15cms. Now while marking, place one end of the measuring tape close to the collar and take it across the middle of the t-shirt until it reaches 15cms and mark it.

5.Chop out the collar till the marked point.In this step cut only the front collar and not the back collar of the t-shirt. Start cutting the t-shirt keeping the scissors close to the tiny collar and cut it in a round manner to the marked point ( Relax! 🙂 it’s okay if the round is not clean!).

6.Now overlap the half cut collar and cut the other half of it and WOLA! Your done 🙂

NOTE: Chop out the back collar in a slim straight line.

7.Now cut off the ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the t-shirt .

8.Sretch the cut off parts gently with both the hands to have a messy look when the fabric turns round.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and easy way of revamping your old t-shirts. So let’s get a little creative and try making it yourself! All the best! 🙂

Style tip: slip into bright or neon inners for a funky and cool look!

off shoulder tops DIY Before & After

off shoulder tops DIY Before & After

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