Rise in Grape Exports in Nashik district

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 2_23121_eThe state has exported 35,627.43 metric tonnes of grapes by March 25 in the current grape season, including 32,000 metric tonnes from Nashik district alone; which is 10,600 tonnes more than last year’s export of 25,107.57 metric tonnes in the corresponding period.
The grape export from Maharashtra in the current grape season is expected to reach the target of 55,000 metric tonnes achieved last year, including 48,465 metric tonnes which were exported from Nashik district in 2013.Of the total of 35,627.43 metric tones exported, 18,720.51 metric tonnes have been exported to the Netherlands, 1,741.80 metric tonnes to the United Kingdom, 3,223.82 metric tonnes to Germany, 1,657.10 metric tonnes to Belgium, 984.72 metric tonnes to Sweden, 839.68 metric tonnes to Denmark, 831.75 metric tonnes to Norway, 468 metric tonnes to Lithuania, 365.46 metric tonnes to Finland, 279.43 metric tonnes to Ireland, 251.55 metric tonnes to Italy, 113.32 metric tonnes to Austria, 72 metric tonnes to Switzerland, 35.42 metric tonnes to Portugal, 29.11 metric tonnes to Estonia and 13.72 metric tonnes to Malta.page3nashik

From 2004, the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has made registration of vineyards compulsory for grape growers wanting to export their prodcuce to promote export quality grapes production. In the current season, 19,793 vineyards (13,900 hectares), each admeasuring betwen 0.40 hectares and 1.20 hectares, have been registered for export of grapes in the district. Last year, 15,679 vineyards (13,123 hectares) had been registered with the office of the superintending agriculture office for the purpose.

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