Sale of Red chillies increases in Nashik

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page3nashikRed chilli has become hot again in the city. The demand for red chillies has increased in Nashik city in last two weeks.
Generally women prepare spices during the summer and they need dried up red chillies for the purpose. Therefore, the demand for the commodity has increased in the last two weeks. Many vendors have set up stalls at open spaces in the city. Apart from them, regular grocery shops are also selling chillies.
The demand is more for chilli varieties like Jalgaon Fapda, Shankshwari, Ghatni, Gavran and Patni from Khandesh. The rate of chillies for one kilo ranges from Rs 60 to 200. There are varieties like Chapata, Kashmiri, Rasgulla, Madras Chapata available in the market. Other ingredients of the spices are also in demand.

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