Sufficient water stocks in Gangapur dam till August

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DAMInforming about the current situation of water stocks available for the city, the Irrigation Department has made it clear that the city will have sufficient water supply till the month of August this year. Gangapur dam, which plays a key role in water supply for entire Nashik city, has the water stocks upto 3,256 Million Cubic Feet (MCFT). Whereas, Darna dam has water stocks upto 2,332 MCFT. This entire storage of water can fulfill the water needs of the city for the next 3-4 months, the sources informed.
On the other hand, considering the probability of delayed monsoon this year, the administration has appealed to the citizens to be careful while utilizing the water from now itself.
Darna and Gangapur dams play a key role in supplying drinking water throughout the city. Among these two, Darna dam has 32% water stocks and Gangapur dam has 58% water stocks at present. After releasing a single rotation for the irrigation works, all remaining stocks will be utilized for drinking water needs of the city till the month of August, sources added.
Meanwhile, the Palkhed dam also has water stocks upto 58 MCFT, whereas Karanjwan dam has 698 MCFT water stocks. Ozarkhed dam has water stocks of 203 MCFT, whereas Waghad dam has 190 water stocks of MCFT. Apart from this, Kadwa dam has 14 MCFT of water stocks at present.

Similarly, water stocks available in dams across the district are as follows : Mukane – 337 MCFT, Alandi – 272 MCFT, Kashyapi – 637 MCFT, Waldevi – 42 MCFT, Gautami – 223 MCFT and Bhavali dam – 131 MCFT.

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