Summer vacations : Rail bookings in full swing!

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page3nashikMany of the people find summer vacation as a best time for outing with family. Therefore,  ahead of summer vacations this time, citizens in Nashik have started to book train tickets from now itself. Reservations for most of the trains have become almost full for the next two months now.
The annual examinations at many schools across the city are about to conclude in just a few days.  On this backdrop, citizens are seen booking train tickets so as to go out of the town as soon as the vacations begin. But, due to the increased frequency of reservations in the past few days, bookings for many of the trains have become full upto June 2, 2014, from now itself.
Citizens are seen preferring bookings for the trains heading towards hill stations in North and page3nashikSouth. As a result of this, bookings for these trains have already become full now. Many of the citizens are finding it too difficult to get bookings for the trains heading to cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad. ‘Tatkal’ booking has emerged as the only option for such passengers.

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