swaranandwan- Music and Dance extravaganza

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IMG_2167On the 7th of January, Nashik witnessed the “Super beings” from ANANDWAN in their very own city. You must be wondering  who are these super beings? They  are a part of  Anandwan , a big family that includes physically and mentally challenged and leprosy cured patients of the age group of 5-50 years,  struggling hard to lead a normal life but with a commendable will power and a beautiful smile. These people are simply different. They take on the destiny and emerge victorious. ANANDWAN started in the year 1951 by the Amte family is now a shelter for many homeless and ill people. They live, eat, study, play, work and sleep under one roof. People from different cities with different disabilities share a space wherein they have made new friends, partners for life and have raised families.

Baba Amte, the founder of Anandwan believed that  these people should not be ignored from the society and be given the chance to lead ,not a luxurious but definitely a happy and a satisfied life. Hence, he provided them with food, education, shelter, family and friends. And now they are growing for good.

The source of income is from the donation and more importantly from the hard work of these super beings. They are trained accordingIMG_2149 to their skills and are provided with all the required materials .  Nashik is lucky to experience something so amazing in the city.  Swaranandwan-A Musical charisma ( which means music along with happiness) was held with the objective of growth and welfare of Anandwan. The program started  by worshiping lord Ganesha. Throughout the event  participants sang, danced , played instruments inspite of all their disabilities and performed to the best of their abilities.

It was amazing to watch the audience  applaud , sing and dance along with the family of ANANDWAN. Overall, Swaranandwan had a great impact on everybody and left a message for the audience, “ Nothing is impossible” . So Nashikites, if they can do it , why can’t we?  Live life as it is, don’t expect much as life is very short .  So, Smile and spread one!

Page 3 Nashik presents some of the some spell bound performance exclusively for you! Cheers !

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