The Gulf Supercross in Nashik – Result

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Gulf-Supercross-Nashik-3Top-class riders across the country, on Saturday gave, Nashikites a glimpse of what to expect at the Gulf Supercross dirt-biking event for two-wheelers to be held in the city on Sunday. Several locals gathered at Kute’s Supercross Track at Pathardi-Gaulane road, Nashik to witness the practice session of top bikers testing their skills on an artificially-made dirt track consisting steep jumps.
The event was flagged off at 12.30 pm on February 22, 2014. Overall, about 85 expert riders from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Bhopal, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Jaipur and Hyderabad were seen showing off their mettle at the session. They all participated in the final event to be held on Sunday. A fleet of seven riders from Nashik were also a part for this event.
On Saturday, kids aged between 12 to 15 years also showed a demo ride across the circuit.

The competition will be held in the following categories: Indian Expert Foreign Class motorcycles up to 500 cc, 2 and 4 stroke (two motors, nine laps each), Private Foreign M/c up to 260 cc, 2 and 4 stroke (two motors, nine laps each), Indian Expert M/c up to 260 cc, 2 and 4 stroke (two motors, seven laps each), Private Expert M/c up to 260 cc, 2 and 4 stroke (two motors, seven laps each), Local (Nashik) Class Foreign M/c up to 260 cc, 2 and 4 stroke, (one motor, seven laps), Novice Class M/c up to 260 cc, 2 Gulf-Supercross-Nashik-2and 4 stroke (one motor, five laps).

KP Aravind from Bangalore won the Supercross motorcycle event with 37 points. The best riders from all over the country came up with an awesome display of off-road riding at Kute’s Supercross Track on Sunday. TVS Racing riders dominated the competition.

Police commissioner of Nashik Kulwantkumar Sarangal flagged off the event. Harith Noah won the Indian Expert Foreign Class, for motorcycles up to 500cc, beating back a stiff challenge from his TVS Racing teammates KP Aravind and Pramod Joshua, who finished in the second and third places respectively.
Aravind took sweet revenge when he won the second moto in the same category, in a thrilling finish, Aravind sneaked past Noah on the second last lap of the nine-lap race, to emerge triumphant. Joshua took third place. Aravind also won the Indian Expert Classs up to 260 cc, taking both the motos. Joshua placed second, with Natraj and S Madhu, also of TVS Racing, sharing third place in the overall standings.
Nagpur’s Jignesh Patel emerged victorious in the Private Foreign motorcycles 250cc class. He won both the motos, with Abhijitsingh Jadhav of Pune coming second and Ganesh Lokhande taking the third spot.
Aurangabad’s Aakash Satpude won the Private Expert up to 260cc class, with Narendra Singh Pawar of Indore and Shamlal Pardeshi of Pune finishing second and third respectively.
The local class and Indian Novice class also generated interest among the crowd that had gathered at the venue to witness the event. Ganesh Lokhande got the better of Aditya Thakkar and Anish Nair to emerge the best Nashik rider in the local class, while Mumbai’s Kshitij Shukla won the Novice class, with Bhopal’s Syed Asif Ali taking the second spot and Pune’s Mohammed Faisal finishing third in the event.


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