Top 5 Places To Visit Near Nashik In Monsoon

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Monsoon in nashik is known to be paramount of beauty and serenity in our city. It reminds us of our childhood and brings back all the memories clung to it.

Monsoon not only begets the sweet scent of wet mud, ‘petrichor’ but also the mood for leisure trips with friends and family!

Here is my list of places to visit in nashik in Monsoon.

An ideal time to plan those trips scrapped due to the scorching and blazing heat this summer.

Nashik is known for its picture-perfectness and tranquillity. 

Nashik beholds the number of exquisite locations that can be shortlisted for visitation.

This monsoon, get set to rucksack in and around Nashik. Listed below are the five top monsoon destinations of our city.

Here are my top 5 places to visit near Nashik in monsoon :


A tourist attraction and mythological importance of this place make it one of the top five places to visit in Nashik.

Known for its picturesque surrounding, Anjaneri is also the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

Anjaneri fort is named after Lord Hanumans mother ‘Anjani’. Along with devout, Anjaneri holds a substantial significance for hikers.

A venturesome and a spiritual place that lies between Nashik and Trimbakeshwar.

Suitable for trekking and hiking, this place also pleases tourists with diverse sceneries of Anjaneri Lake, Caves, Waterfalls, etc. It bears a mythical and monumental history adding to the beauty of the city.

This place environs spectacular landscapes and mountain ranges. A must visit this monsoon.


Dugarwadi Waterfall is one of the most splendid natural beauties of our city. Lying just 30-kms from the wine capital, this is a delight for travellers.

Monsoon the best time to relish this pristine locale.

Breathtaking view of this place makes it a great place to explore the beauty of Mother Nature.

Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, this place captivates the eyes of the sightseers with its dense forests, waterfall and flawless landscape.

Due to its secluded location and lack of security, visitation is advised in groups.


Devlali is a small hill-station near Nashik known for its Army establishments and Air Force Station. 

Abode to a small population, this place is filled with various health sanatoriums, community parks and gardens. 


Temple Hill, also known as ‘Khandoba Tekri’ is a fascinating place in Devlali. Dedicated to Khandoba Maharaj who is an incarnation of Lord Shiva is reportedly 500 years old. 

It is a landmark for Devlali. 

The foremost quality that draws the attraction of the tourists is its Sunrise and Sunset point. 

It has a widely spread park consisting of a waterfall,’ Khandoba’ temple, community park and a joggers track are the major appealing factors. 

Can be enjoyed and relished with friends and family. 

and can be consider as one of the preferred nashik picnic spot in rainy season.


Situated near old Sinner, Mohadari Ghat, The Wind Mills in Nashik is as spotless and pristine as it can get. 

Surrounded by luxuriant green bed of grassland, it seems as if this place is in the lap of heavens. 

Being gently touched by the clouds this place embraces beauty in a way nothing else can. 

The crisp, clear and bright skies form a veil over the wind turbines. Witnessing this spectacular and extravagant sight is a to-do this monsoon.


Nashik is blessed with the beautiful scenic and picturesque places, out of which Gangapur Backwaters is one of the most blissful place to just go and relax. 

It is a peaceful place for recreation.  Feeling of divinity is sensed along with pleasant breezes around. 

Quality time with loved ones can be experienced at backwaters. Families can also spend time on weekends. 

Kids and youngsters can also enjoy playing various sporty games like Football, Badminton etc.

 An amazing and remarkable place to get there and enjoy your time with some knick-knacks and finger snacks along in the bright and beautiful weather.

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