[Video] Nashikites speak up in support of Net Neutrality

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What is Net Neutrality? This is a commonly asked question to the youth of our country and they are flabbergasted describing the whole issue. Nashik too has a saying about Net Neutrality, whether is it a fair decision or a pitiless decision taken by the Government. Page3Nashik along with anchor Snehal went round the city areas like College road, Salim tea centre, big bazaar, City Centre Mall to ask the youth about Net Neutrality. Have a look at the above video. We observed three categories of people in Nashik – one who were unaware of Net Neutrality, second who read about Net Neutrality but didn’t do anything about it and third who knew about Net Neutrality and went on to sign the petition online.  There are about 808,000 signatures on the petition against Net Neutrality in India . Nashikities are opinionated in a way that if equality still exists in our country then why is the Internet rates not equal for all the websites?!


What is Net Neutrality?

Companies that provide Internet services should treat all lawful internet content in a neutral manner and not raise the charges as per the demand of the site by the users. It is the founding principle of the Internet and what allows the Internet to be the largest and most diverse platform for innovation and exploration.

Why is it important?

The basic idea is that every packet of data has to be treated normally – in terms of speed, access and cost for the sake of innovation and long term health of the World Wide Web. Local and global businesses develop solutions for network traffic management, pricing and business models. So this works completely in favor of entrepreneurs. Internet service has been a boon to every industry be it Telecom or Facebook.

Mumbai-based venture capitalist Mahesh Murthy says on Twitter “Net Neutrality… that’s like saying freedom and slavery can coexist” Shiv Sena chief, Aditya Thackeray, says “You have many websites, e-shopping and start-ups on web now. You have a lot of youngsters who are flourishing well with their business over the Internet. The concern is if the internet is charged for these over the top services, what will happen to these smaller businesses?” He added that he would ask the party’s lawmakers to raise an issue on this in Parliament. What does Nashikities have a take on this?

“Main browse, download and shopping karna chahta hu.. Par yeh saale Internet wale kuch karne hi nai dete”     

While some Nashikities say that there will be an additional expense of Internet to be thought of from next month like Facebook or YouTube pack loan while others say we think twice before replying to our birthday messages to our relatives. That sounds crazy, isn’t it!!!

Airtel and Flipkart have been facing livid urgings from web providers due to their free app facility provided to their users. So what Airtel and Flipkart seem to be doing wrong? That is why the concept of Net Neutrality came into existence. AIB roast and Being Indian that broadcast their serials only on Internet have protested against Net Neutrality in a way that only the rich can make use of Internet facility and poor won’t have any access to it. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says “Internet.org doesn’t breach principles of net neutrality and is more about offering free Internet to people who can’t afford it.”

So we request all of you to sign a petition or send a mail to www.savetheinternet.in to come in support of the tricky Net Neutrality and lets all stand up for the discrimination induced upon us by the Government.

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