Voter ID cards distribution from today

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p3Nashik district has made provisions and arrangements to distribute the Voters ID cards to all the voters through the centres. For those who have registered their names in the supplementary voters list, the voters ID will be distributed from today i.e  16th April 2014.
Election branch has prepared Voters ID cards of those voters who applied and were registered at the special voter registration drive which was conducted in the district on March 9 as per EC directives to increase voting percentage. 80,134 new voters – 43881 in Nashik Lok Sabha constituency, 24,288 in Dindori constituency and 11,965 in Dhule constituency. Distribution will be  through BLOs to the households of voters and the voters are to get voter’s slips by the Election commission.
Instructions are as per that these voters slips will be distributed to the voters five days prior to the polling date. Polling chits are given by the Political parties to the voters to find their names easily on the voting lists. BLOs will sign the slips and then they are to be given by EC to the voters. Slips of other voters in the family should be given to adult persons only. After the recieval of the slips, their signatures or thumb impressions will be taken.
” Vote for a better India, so that we can live in a better India”

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