Voter registration drive duration extended

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d37023-largeThe State Election Commission has taken the decision to extend the reach of the voters” registration drive. The drive will begin from May 9 and a special registration drive will also be conducted for four days and to avoid the extra burden on the election machinery, voters registration will be done at polling centers by teachers. The State Election Commission had taken cognizance of the complaints regarding names missing from the voters” list during the Lok Sabha election and decided to implement continuous voter registration process from May 29.
Along with registering new voters, the voters whose names were missing from the voters lists have been given an opportunity to register their names in the drive.  But as the work was conducted in the Voter Help Center at the respective legislative assembly constituency headquarters, the drive is not getting the expected response.  Therefore, the reach of the drive has been extended now. The continuous voter registration drive will be implemented with the joint election officer till June 8. From June 9, the drive will be implemented in every polling center i.e. schools. All types of forms will be made available at these centers for the process. Apart from this, a special drive will be implemented on June 21-22 and June 28-29.  Phases Duration :- The schedule Draft voters” list release – June 9
Period to submit claims, objections – June 9- 30
Special drive – June 21-22 & June 28-29
Deadline to clear the claims,objections – July 15
Updating database – July 25
Final voters” list release – July 31 

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