Water management for next thirty years in Nashik

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apageTaking the increasing population of Nashik in to consideration and being the district of dams, the Nashik Municipal Corporation has planned water management for the next thirty years, by taking water from the Mukne dam. Nashik city will not need to face water scarcity in the future due to this planning. Comparing the population of the city in the year 2011 and the need of water for the same, the NMC has planned the water management, and has got it approved from the government, on the basis of the estimates of population by the year 2046. They have aimed to take water from the Mukane dam for the purpose. The estimated cost of this project is Rs 230 crores. They had taken the permission for this in the year 2013 itself by presenting the report in front of the Sukanu committee. The union government will provide 50 per cent funds and the state government will provide 20 per cent funds for the project and the rest 30 per cent amount will be spent by the NMC. A head work of capacity to store 414 ten lakh litre water will be constructed on the Mukane dam and a Jackwell pump house will also be constructed on the same. Vertical ducts of 1800 KM diameter and 18 KM long, will be set up from Mukane dam to the proposed water purification centre near Villholi Naka at the Pathardi truck terminus. Works of constructing a water purification centre of capacity to store 137 million litres for the year 2013 and other such works will be done in the first stage of the planning. The project will require duration of three years.

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