Wheel of Ramrath changed after 225 years

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page3nashikThe wheel of Shri Ram chariot i.e Ramrath, which is the main attraction during the Nashik Gramostav, will be changed after 225 years. The wheel is being replaced as there were cracks on the same.
Rafiq Sutar from Sangli district was entrusted with the task of making the wheel and replacing it. Babul wood is used for its strength. A month was spent while working on this wheel and the diameter of the wheel is three feet. Rs 1.5 lakh were spent to create this wheel.
The history of the chariot is that Shrimant Gopikabai Peshwe had gifted the chariot to Kalaram Temple in 1785. Since then, the wheels of the chariot have remained unchanged.
When cracks in the wheel were once discovered, they were temporarily mended but after their condition worsened, the chariot committee took a decision to replace the wheel.
To make this wheel, 14 feet long, three Babul tree logs were used along with 12 kilogram metal sheets. The other three wheels of the chariot are made up of teakwood.
Hanuman idol in Shri Ram chariot is made up of teakwood. It was been made by Tupe Mistry from Ravivar Peth.

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