iMad – (I Make A Difference)


I Make A Difference (iMAD) is a group of enthusiastic young individuals Nashikkar that works for under-privileged kids providing free education. iMAD focus on confidence building, improving communicative English and exploring them to new opportunities via field trips, workshops & presentations.
iMAD started its journey on 21st July 2010 at an ashram near Anjineri,Nashik. Since then it has provided free education to around 300 kids with the help of 40 volunteers. iMad provides a platform for the youth to bring about change by touching lives of the less fortunate and do their bit for the society.

Key Highlights of the program:

  1. Imparting quality education, focusing on life skills and confidence building by concentration on:
  • Teaching language skills                                                                                                   
  • Personality development                                                                                      
  • Exploring new opportunities

2. Providing them direct exposure to many industries through field visits etc. and hence motivating them to work hard to enhance their inter-personal skills.

3. Each iMAD volunteer works with 4-6 children, giving individual attention to each child

4.iMad has taught around 300 kids with a volunteer pool of 40 dedicated volunteers.

iMAD is one of the initiative taken by ‘The City Needs Me’.  The City needs me is a platform for the citizens, elected representative and civic agencies to collaborate as an online community for a better Nashik.

To promote ideas for sustainable growth and development by engaging youth and collaborating with the Government for a better Nashik.


To provide a platform for citizens, elected representatives and civic officials to discuss ideas for change and work together to solve civic issues.

iMad joins hands with to reach maximum people and spread the happiness of knowledge. If you want to join iMAD please contact Page3Nashik and be a part of change.