“Service is the rent we pay for our room on earth.” If we are always ready to receive with open arms, we must also be ready to open our fists and give to those who might not be as privileged as us. Remember, what we give comes back to us in multi-folds.

Volunteering or selfless service though isn’t one of the most elite, monetarily lucrative, smooth sailing or the most glamorous of jobs. But it is certainly one of the most satisfying and personally and socially uplifting.

Volunteering is done on a person’s own accord. It is like a call of the soul. All it takes is a compassionate heart who wants to make a difference to the world. You don’t have to change the whole country or city or town. But even if you touch just one life you have made a difference.

In an amazing initiative to stir souls in our grape-city, Page3Nashik has made this inspiring video about the importance of volunteerism and how simply it can be weaved in the busy fabric of our lives. It is about making that little difference. It’s about taking some time out of your day and helping others. Volunteering makes you feel good about yourself.

Living life in the fast lane, students are getting caught up with some many materialistic responsibilities, sometimes ending up working endlessly and often working on something they hardly matters to them feeling unfulfilled.

Do you feel your city lacks a certain facility that is a part of an elite metro city? Do you feel that a certain section of the society in your city is living under deprived conditions? Do you feel you could make a difference to one life, help make a change in making the city and the world a better place to live in. Join the brand wagon and ride the change.

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