Jagar Manacha

‘Jagar Manacha’ is to nurture attitude of today’s youth in  such a way that they will be committed to deliver excellence in their own field and they will demonstrate principle centered leadership in their lives.

A Way towards performance excellence and Self Leadership, Jagar Manacha (literal meaning: awakening of consciousness), by Srujan Consultants, a city based management consultancy firm, is working for enrichment and uplifting of today’s challenging, demanding and passionate human mind set. An activity initiated to deliver universal laws of performance excellence in every role i.e personal, professional and social. An activity which conveys inevitability of individual’s perspective aligned to eternal natural principles to live inspired life each moment!

Who Started Jagar Manacha:

Mr. Shantanu Gune (Founder & CEO of Srujan Consultants), a well recognized and respected counsellor for human psychology and preferred management consultant for organizational transformation. He started Jagar Manacha based on his belief ‘core of all human problems is man’s consciousness.’ With the same belief system he is working for the society as well with corporate since last 9 years. Some of the major corporate clients he is consulting, are Crompton Greaves Pvt Ltd., Huphen group of industries, BOSH group etc.


Why Jagar Manacha:

We believe in saying ‘The most beautiful thing about you is YOU’. Today’s stressed, over demanding and confused human race has forgotten this and rather than dreaming, is dragging self to fulfil else’s dream! To re-nurture this adage Jagar Manacha is making its efforts! To bridge the gap between ‘What we think and what we act’ Jagar Manacha is taking steps to create ‘Principle Centred Creative Leadership’ in all aspects.


How we are doing it:

To inspire and align human perspectives to excellence we work through following segments:

1. We conduct interactive sessions on subject “Jagar Manacha- A way towards performance excellence and self-leadership” (open to all)

2. We organize interviews of revered personalities and enable society to directly connect with their role models. (open to all)

3. We conduct intensive workshops on structured process of attitude & perspective transformation.

4. We conduct free sessions in any available platform to align perspectives of young minds for principle centered self leadership.

In Corporate:

We customize the theory of Jagar Manacha as per the industrial requirement and work for minimum of 3 months for organizational transformation. Also we conduct sessions on subjects viz Leadership development, Motivation at work place etc.


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Contact Information:
Miss. Shreeya Gune
COO, Srujan Consultants Chief co-ordinator ‘Jagar Manacha’
Conact no: 9960566484