10 Signs that you are Born Entrepreneur!

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How would you describe an Entrepreneur? Is he Determined? Dedicated? Optimistic? Well, certainly those words apply. Also one thing common between all the entrepreneurs across the globe whether small or big is the attitude “I Am the Boss”, their desire to build something of their own and not be a mere employee is what sets them apart. Page3Nashik presents 10 Signs that you are Born Entrepreneur!


Sanjay Kumaran & Shravan Kumaran, CEO’s of Go Dimensions

1. You are MAD (Make A Difference)-When most of the so called living beings are busy in their mundane tasks, these special species are searching for MADNESS, you are the one who is a total risk taker because you know without risk success will not come.You will risk it all to achieve your dream. In other words, you are mentally tough. Sanjay Kumaran (age 11) and Shravan Kumaran (age 13)( CEO’s of  Go Dimensions), two brothers from Chennai build a mobile phone applications firm that have witnessed over 10,000 downloads across the world already. Sanjay is probably the world’s youngest CEO.

2. You work and play hard-You are species basically inspired by ANTS you try, try, try but never give up. You always want to see the future and act in present. You are the die heart fan of Mike Tyson and always follow his quotes “If my competitor practices 4 hours then I should practice 8 hours a day ; If my competitor take a rest of 4 hours then I should practice 12 hours a day”.

3. You are Action Jackson.-Life is all about change so you think, you write, you review and take action immediately because life is full of possibilities and one cannot explore possibilities without taking risk.Y


Phanindra Sama, Founder Member at Red Bus

4. You are Engineers by nature-You are architect of dreams, fabricator of process and civil engineers of reality. A classic case is Phanindra Sama, an engineer who studied in BITS Pilani quit his well paying job to start his own enterprise. In August 2006, he started this venture  – redbus.in, along with two other friends from the same institute. RedBus today is one of the most successful online bus ticket booking agencies.

5. You are motivated by Challenges-When caught in some situations, many employees try to pass the buck or brush their hands off the situation. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand rise to the occasion. The brain of an entrepreneur is developed in such a way that it accepts any challenge given to him, “challenges motivates them to work harder”.

6. You are anxious-You always think today is the last day of world, so the anxiety level is too high. You want everything done right now hence most of the time your presentations are weird, you don’t bother about indigestion of ideas so, and you make life hell for other till you don’t get the desired results.

7. You welcome critics-Entrepreneurs are like desert sand in hand and mercury on the palm no one can stop them basically, but it’s not the thing that they don’t consider others, in fact they welcome criticswho are colleagues, mentors, customers, etc.

8. You are fault finders and problem solver-One cannot be good entrepreneur unless your a good observer.One of the best example of fault finding is loo technology- A boy from Tier II had travelled to Tier I city to attend a friend’s wedding ceremony .Like every normal person he had a natures call but unable to find place for loo. This Gave his an idea and he developed a mobile application which will help people to find lavatory in the nearest location .Who would have thought Pee could be the reason for his success?

9. You are aliens-You love to show off your Genetics, power of competitiveness through your successes, and won’t give up until others are convinced of you futuristic ideas. Just like the poet, entrepreneurs have an undying drive to be the best of the best.

10.  You are not obsessed with cash-flow-Who says that venture will be built by only huge cash flows?


Pooja Dhingra Owner of Le15 Patisserie,Mumbai

Entrepreneurs are not a rich in terms of cash but they surely knows how to credit reality and debit dreams. The well known Pooja Dhingra is a young, renowned pastry chef. Not giving up on her “baking” dream, she trained at Le Cordon Bleu, a prestigious French culinary school in Paris. Her passion for food began at a tender age. People kept telling her” Kitna Kama legi isme??”  She is now the owner and Executive Chef of Le15 Patisserie, a dessert paradise in Mumbai for every person with a sweet tooth. PS:She is doing Pretty well!!

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