Blind Mens’ Rally 2014 flags off successfully in Nashik

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IMG_9039 For the third time in Nashik, members of Nashik Round table India , Western India sports Association (WISA), Federation of Motor Sports club of India ( FMSCI) and Nashik Ladies Circle oraganised the Blind Mens’ Rally 2014 in Nashik. Bhumika Motwani, the chairperson and Mr.Saket Johari, the chairperson tabler with 15 other members put together this successful event. The BMR is a charity event to support social cause. The Blind Mens’ Rally 2014 was an unusual concept where the driver was just like you and me but the navigator was a specially challenged person with vision disability issues.

11 January 2014– Briefing Round and trial Round :-

bmrA day prior to the event was the Briefing Round and trial Round. On that day, the enrollments were to be done by filling the application form. The form would ask for technical details- licence, insurance number, insured company and details about the entrant, first driver and co-driver, details of cars- model, engine number and special rally cover. It was observed that there were approximately 70 and above enrollments ( both male and female). Participants were selected after the compulsory trial round. The participants had to get their own cars or the one who is sponsoring them have to issue their cars. Car will leave for the rally according to the number and participation identity given to the participants. Food and halt facilities were made available to the participants staying out of Nashik. The rally started from city centre Mall and the end point being the same destination.

On the main event day, participants arrived at city centre mall by 8:15 am and first flag off took off at 8:30 am. IMG_8916Every navigator participant were allotted with a speed chart and track book to navigate the route. The track book was printed in braille and the navigator was dependent on it as they are trained by professionals. Throughout the route navigator guided the driver referring in the speed chart.

The rally continued till 2:30 pm and it was an extraordinary and unusual experience both for the blind people and for Nashik city. It was a life time experience to cherish. It definitely created vision beyond sight. A Wonderful moment to encourage the blind people to do something unusual. VISION BEYOND SIGHT !

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