How Digital marketing can benefit Real Estate?

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IMG_9634The Question”How Digital marketing can benefit Real Estate?” was perfectly answered at A Two Day seminar was organized by the Reputed ,Association of Real Estate Consultants (ARC), Nashik, & National Association of Realtors (NAR) at Ashoka Virtue Hall of Institution of Engineers, India (IEI), in Untwadi area of the city.The Two day seminar saw the Likes of  Dr Shah, the Dean of Projects, Real Estate, Infrastructure Management, Pune who  provided guidance on Real Estate Valuation, and on the second day, Kris Ankem the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yellow Thursday Pvt Ltd (YTPL)provided guidance on Digital Marketing.

Ankem Stated that in today’s times people Rural areas too, are update about the latest happenings in the city due to Widespread reach of Internet!Nashik alone has 4.60 lakh users of Facebook. Other social networking sites like Twitter and Whatsapp have also lead to greater connectivity &awareness!“In today’s time, advertising plays a pivotal role in growth of each and every business in the market. That’s the reason why real estate developers should also opt for the Digital Media to expand their business in rising competition today. This medium is emerging the most effective one for the real estate sector nowadays,” asserted Kris Ankem, while addressing the workshop on Digital Marketing & Real Estate Valuation on Saturday.
When the economy is slowly reviving, and many real estate projects need cost effective
tools like the digital medium, a Seminar like this will be timely and can help the realty sector.Real estate can gain enormous benefits from Social media.Digital has emerged as India’s third-largest medium and very few real estate developers have exploited its full potential. This seminar will enable an understanding and appreciation of this important medium, which real estate developers can apply, and thereby benefit from, in this fast-changing communication era.
In the first session of the day, Ankem provided guidance on ‘Customer Relationship Management’ and enlist precautions to be taken while developing any website for marketing purpose. He said that it could be easier for the customers to think about any property if its slides, photographs, site map, reviews and video clips are being displayed on the website of Realtors, Ankem added.

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