How to look your fashionable best at SulaFest

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Life SulaFest is too short to not be stylish! So here is a guide on how to look your fashionable best at SulaFest 2016!

Here are a few ideas to help you awesome ladies get that perfect festival look!

1) What if you could drink your wine and wear it too? Well, life’s not THAT easy, but you could

Well, life’s not THAT easy, but you could wear a classic red wine coloured outfit to pair with your favourite vino and voila, you are all set for a gorgeous and chic #SulaFest.


2) Not a big fan of Red?

Then how about adding a little sparkle to your wardrobe. Pair a white sequined shirt with dark blue denims and dazzle your way through the celebrations!



3) Wanna to go old school?

How about some stunning dungarees with a tribal printed top for a modern twist? Put on your comfy sneakers or those bold black boots and the look it’s a perfect mix of fashion meets comfort.


4) THIS is what a perfect festival ensemble looks like!

Take your coolness quotient up a notch with these festival essentials. Slip into a pair of Converse and go running around the vines! Of course we are kidding ?. Psst…Don’t forget the sunscreen if you want to avoid a tan.


6) Say a BIG yes to this bohemian inspired suede skirt in brick red, paired up with a basic white top & a cute hat to beat the heat! This look is perfect for a fun grape stomping session.


And lastly don’t forget to click tons of Selfies! Because if you don’t love yourself, who else will? See you there girls.

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