Jab Hum Chhote Bachhe The!

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Jab hum chhote bachhe the….Page3Nashik takes you on a walk Down the Memory Lane!

cartoon-networkOur attempt to take u back to Malgudi days,Days when Maruti 800 was a luxury,Cricket meant only SACHIN.
No matter how old, independent and successful we are…. Childhood is the part of life that we will never forget. Enjoying outdoors, cartoon network, video games and no internet- It was full of life!!Times when we would be Glued to the Television Sets,(which Moms call as the Idiot box) Just to watch Tom & Jerry,Jetsons,Adams Family,Dexters Labortory and the all time Favorite Scooby Dooooooo.I am sure all of those kid from 80’s & 90’s look at today’s cartoon and think nahhh they don’t have the fun and message cartoon from our days had!

Think of Childhood and the first thing that comes to mind is the Golden days… the School days. School days, is one such memory, which we will always cherish. Days spent in school were the happiest and the best days of our life. The very memory of school days fills our minds with nostalgic memories of happy days with yesteryear’s. The classes, teaches, friends, playing in the grounds, sharing lunch boxes, and not to forget the school bell- we can give anything to get back all this. The year long wait for the Final exams, Annual Sports day, Teacher’s day, Children’s day, etc was worth.Remember how we could Not sleep the entire night, before a school Picnic,the sheer excitement would leave us tossing and turning in beds!The Fear we had on wearing the wrong shoes and uniform on Sports Day,The For ever Unpolished shoes,The Uncovered text books,The punishments(Stand with your hands up,murga bano!).How we would dress up as Gandhiji,Robots,monkeys etc.

The Immense pleasure and delight we would get by saving a few rupees just to buy apepsicola2 Pepsi,kulfi Kathhi-meethi Imli,Kismi,Rola –
Cola,Poppins.Days when our ambition would change from doctors, actors, lawyers, journalist etc.I remember how my ambition woul change every week:-)

Playing outdoors in the evenings, after school hours was like a routine. We played all sort of games- Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Gilli danda, Tag, Biking, kite flying, and Hide and seek… the list is endless. Rain dance, making paper boats were common games during monsoon. The teams we made, the fights with the opposite teams, sports competitions, the pranks we played are things which we can never forget.Running home from classes to play Pakada pakdi,Lingorcha,Gold-Spot,cricket.How we all would scream Inn pin safety pin inn pin OUT! or Mazza Mamma Cha Patra Harvela!!!
397428_10151422873980764_1514797721_nThe most wonderful memories of Childhood were of weddings and festivid,Christmas! We would get to meet all our cousins at the marriages. With all the elders busy, there was no rok- tok the masti we had lasted all day long. The stories from the elder cousin, the leg- pulling of the younger cousin, running around in the pandal for no reason were all the things we could afford to do only as kids. There were so many festivals all year and every festival was a holiday and we celebrated with lot of fun. It is hard to put in words, the ambiance, the fervor and the mood of those days. Wearing new clothes, sneaking out sweets from the kitchen, roaming in the streets with friends, visiting everybody’s house were some of the things we did during festivals.The Excitement of exchanging gifts during Christmas,Diwali etc

Remember how we would sitting on Dadi/Nanis  laps and she would tell us stories like
Cinderella,Rapunzel,Ganesha Stories,Alibaba and unke 40 chor.Stories that would all tell us Truth And Good Conquers all Evil.Then the Ghost stories from elder siblings would Leave us shivering in beds.How after a thunder and a storm we would cuddle up to mom!When Maggi,Tea & Pakodas from Mom were tastier than any italian pasta!golden-era1

A fascinating memory of childhood is that of Birthdays. Whether it is our birthday or friends or anyone’s for that matter, we would enjoy it. We would get invited to the birthday parties, play games, gift and get return gifts. The fun was unlimited. Oh the days we wish we could have back… not to change, merely to relive the memories

Days of a gone yesterday, relive in the eyes of today… memories made in an innocent childhood are the lessons we hold and understand today!!In the end we would say BAS YAADE YAADE ,YAADE REH JATI, KUCH CHOTI,CHOTI BAATEIN REH JATI HAI!!!!!!!!

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