Mumbai – Nashik train travel time reduce to two hours? Vande Bharat – Trial Runs

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Vande Bharat nashik

Much awaited bullet train service between Mumbai and Nashik City still have a long way to go but we have started seeing small steps taken.

Vande Bharat which is called Train 18, is an Indian semi-high speed intercity electric multiple units (EMU). Has a high speed of 180 km/h (110 mph).

Rajesh Agarwal, member (Rolling Stock), Railway Board, was in Mumbai for the past two days taking stock of the services. He said,

“One AC EMU rake and one non-AC EMU rake has been brought to Mumbai. The trials will start in Mumbai very soon, like next week. Then we can see how we can shorten the timings between these cities.”

Train 18  Mumbai nashik

Currently, the fastest train connection between Nashik and Mumbai is through Punchavti Train which covers the distance of 188 KM in 3 Hrs 45 Minutes which likely to come down to 2 Hrs if Vande Bharat gets a green flag after this trail.

The trail will also be done on Mumbai and Pune, which are 192km apart and Mumbai – Vadodara which is 393 KM Apart.

The Mumbai Nashik MEMU is being called the “little sister” of Train 18, in that it will be similar in most respects except it may not be AC.

Basically, there are three types of trains in the Indian Railway:

  1. The Long – Distance Tain
    The usual mail or express train, running between cities hundred or thousand of KM apart.
    Usually runs on one locomotive (engine), electric or diesel.
    All Mumbai – Nashik trains are a long-distance train.
  2.  EMU
    Electric Multiple Unit. As famously known by Mumbaikar as local train.
    Connects a core city area with its suburbs, usually covering a distance of up to 100 KM.
    They don’t require separate locomotive, as elects motors are incorporated within several carriages.
  3. MEMU
    Mainline Electric Multiple Unit serves short- and medium – distance routes, like between cities that are within 200 KM of each other.
    Thus, they cover longer distances then EMUs

Features of Train 18 :

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