We make ministers or ministers make us ???

Vineet Vijay Waghmare

I am Vineet waghmare a young Professional Blogger , Digital marketer ,Having 5 years of experience in the field of Digital marketing , Having a Deep knowledge of Market Research & Analysis, Target Audience and Digital Trends, Have wide range of clear and sharp experience in market research and analysis with latest and effective digital marketing trends. Have done work with diverse range of sectors and categories, which make me able to do best for the company’s . Website Structure Optimization & Usability: Have technically sound website structure optimization and usability skills which provide easy to understand, effective, easy to use and best represent-able user experience of websites. SEO Content, SEO Setup and Search Engine Optimization: Have quality search engine optimization skills including search engine algorithms, crawlers understanding, keywords mapping, keywords placement (keeping user and spiders in mind), webmasters tools, location based marketing, complete on-page and off-page optimization. Monitor and Manage Social Media Campaigns ,Have wide range of social media optimization, marketing and advertising skills of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest etc. Have sharp understanding of social networking websites analytics, monitor and planning to provide websites quality visibility and branding. PPC Marketing – Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile Advertising, Have sound skills and experience of Ads Creation according to CTR, ad relevance, landing page and user experience. Working, creating and analyzing diverse range of Ads, for search, display, video, shopping and mobile advertisement campaigns Analytics – Analyzing, Reporting and Planning Have high quality knowledge and experience of web analytics including review, analyze, strategies, implementation, analysis, refinement, reporting etc.

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