5 things engineering students have to constantly hear while studying

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In this challenging world, 80% of the parents dream of their kids becoming an engineer while their baby is still in the womb. What they fail to apprehend is the effort that goes in becoming an engineer, which only their kids value!! Let them set a precedent themselves, who knows they will be next Steve Jobs or Sachin Tendulkar. Students from Nashik have to deal with a lot of pressure from parents because most of them go to major cities to take up Engineering.  Parents work tremendously hard to fabricate their children’s career. So there is a mammoth of expectations from them to secure their own future and in turn, their parent’s future. Some call it a secured investment!! Most importantly they should rely on their kid’s capabilities with conviction. Mothers are more concerned about their kid’s health. Nashikites don’t worry if you don’t get missal pav or wada pav in Delhi, Pune or mumbai is very well equipped with all these delicacies and the journey is also petite! Here are five things that Engineering students have to relentlessly hear while they are studying:

  1. Parental pressure: It’s a knock on your head even at midnight when you are dreaming about dating the drop-dead-gorgeous-looks
    Gigantic Expectations!!

    Gigantic Expectations!!

    kinda chap from your college. “Oh no!!” you rise from the bed when your folks are putting that chap behind the bars for distracting you from studies. It’s called folk-a-doodle!! Best alternative to steer clear of parental pressure is to study at home and let the seeds of your sincerity and dedications grow in your folk’s apprehensive brain. Hypnotize your parents!!

  2. NBD: It’s an IITian lingo for nervous breakdown. Invariable nagging of professors will eventually lead to NBD. Happens haphazardly with north-indian students studying in Maharashtra. I remember my professor once voiced those heart-splitting words to me “you north-indian students will spoil our Maharashtrian students” Bang!! Bang!! The drum beats start with a roar. It’s a reverie! You can’t help but to put down the lid and sincerely, like a toddler, walk out of the class. It is their way of targeting the students and not letting your focus budge to a subject called “Compulsive Facebooking Syndrome”.
    NBD is scary!!

    NBD is scary!!

  3. No social life: It’s a myth that engineering students don’t have a social life.  Can’t hear it no more. Paradoxically, Engineers get a lot of time to be a party beast because they only study dangerously 10 days before their exams. 7 hours of college, 2 hours of submission work at home, 6 hours of passive sleep, 2 hours of travel which leaves us with 7 hours to party hard and indulge in other major activities (Be it girls for a Casanova or extra-curricular for book addicts).
    It's a myth

    It’s a myth

  4. Deadlines: You mean to say dead-a-little?? You get a panic attack when you look at the calendar unknowingly and realize it’s time for your professors to barbecue you!! Meeting the deadlines can only happen if you are roaming around with “maggu” students (which describes ultra sincere students in engineering) when they pinch every nerve or cell of your body at every nanosecond and wake you up from death bed. No ways you can be an owl to stay up entire night to party and sleep like a lion during lectures. Although sleep overdose is a recurrent disorder in engineering students when they don’t even realize a grasshopper is talking a walk in their blanket while they are asleep.
  5. Exams: Last but not the least, exam fever!! Every engineering student is either with a 100 rupee note at a temple or feeding the cows or wearing 5 rings in fingers to clear the exam. Oh common, stop bribing the gods!! Gods are not cops!! You can’t wait for a goddess to come and bless you at this nerve-breaking moment when you know you haven’t studied enough. Go to the examination hall relaxed and jot down all the formulae and keywords that you had read. Fill your exam sheet with alphas and betas and whatever comes to your mind. Peep-a-little and sneeze-a-little to shift concerned person’s arse a little.


So many books, so little time!! That is what every engineer is stirred up about. I think all engineers should stick to an agenda, which came from an idol of millions, Mahatma Gandhi “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  Only then will you be able to make a difference to our country as an engineer, swollen with pride!! Nashikites gear up for some thrilling experience in the city and outside the city!!  Reach the skies!!

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