7 playgrounds in Nashik planned by NMC

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The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) goes one step ahead for the public welfare. NMC to develop 7 playgrounds in Nashik across the 6 divisions of the city. An estimated amount for this development is Rs. 14.47 crore. It is a part of civic administration’s policy decision and the proposal has been approved by the officials of NMC. The locations for development of grounds will be two each at Nashik Road and Cidco and the remaining will be at Panchavati, Nashik East and the Nashik West divisions.

From the information outsourced by the officials, “The city has around 450 gardens, but playgrounds are few. It is a part of the NMC’s policy to develop more playgrounds. The seven proposals were tabled at the GBM and all proposals have received approvals. We are planning more playgrounds.”


For the development of these playgrounds, city mayor, Yatin Wagh conducted a meeting in September and discussed this with the political leaders for the development of playgrounds instead of gardens. The other points included in the meet were the locations for the development of 7 playgrounds in Nashik.

The grounds in Cidco divison are to be developed at Rs. 3.11 crore at the old sewage treatment plant (STP) in Prabhag no. 42, another at reservation no. 907 for Rs 1.77-crore. The 2 at Nashik road division are at a cost of 2.18 crore each, in prabhag no. 55 and survey no. 37.

The 5th playground at Prabhag no. 6 in the Panchavati division for Rs. 95.72 lakh, 6th playground at Lavate Nagar in Nashik West division for Rs. 1.41 crore and the last i.e. the 7th playground at Prabhag no. 38 in the Nashik East division.

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