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Accenture sets up its unit in Nashik

Nashik is emerging as a business process outsourcing destination and is on a list of the emerging Tier II cities for IT companies. Few of the renowned IT companies in Nashik which contribute in the enhancement of the IT culture are Winjit Technologies, Netwin Systems & Software (I) Pvt Ltd, gloStream, ESDS Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Aress Software & Education Technologies (P) Ltd, WNS Global Services, etc. Currently there is one private IT park called Vascon and another under construction at Ambad named Anand Mahindra IT Park.

Nashik’s information technology companies announced that they would commence operations in Nashik within a span of two 000-Par2657966-jpg_044029months to one year. Moreover,this year Nashik gets a good news regarding IT sector. World’s fifth largest American based Information Technology (IT) company ‘Accenture’ is on its way to setup its new unit in Nashik. By acquiring 200 acre of land, the company will start functioning in Nashik by December end. Accenture is a multinational management consulting ,technology services and outsourcing company. The company had asked its Mumbai and Pune based officials to join the Nashik unit by December. The establishment of Accenture will not only grant Nashik to grow in its IT sector but also provide various employment opportunities.

This great news definitely helps Nashik youth who thrives to seek job opportunities in the city and apparently not only the youth from Nashik but also from other regions of entire North Maharashtra will get excellent job opportunities in Nashik.



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  1. Please mention the source of the information. Or it looks like a rumore by real estate guys to increase land prices.

  2. Is it really authentic news, I don’t find any news from Accenture anywhere on internet except this article about setting up unit in Nashikvarundabke

  3. Is it really authentic news? There is no reference or public commencement about this news? 
    If it’s true, its really great news. But it is not easy to get top company in Tier3 cities

  4. ITman  The source of this is  from local paper in #nashik and #pune

  5. varundabke  Yes this is been confirmed

  6. itajooba, can you put the local news paper name if possible?

  7. ITman itajooba  here is a snap shot of times pune (2 feb 2014)

  8. where in nashik is Accenture setting up? — what location?

  9. itajooba, thanks for confirmation, is it Times of India Pune edition for 2nd Feb 2014 or is it different times?

  10. itajooba varundabke  Thanks itajooba. Any confirmation from Accenture’s side? The new report in ToI mentions local source but not from Accenture directly.  Any idea about the location of the land which accenture will use? if they are planning to start operations by December then construction would have started already.

  11. varundabke itajooba  We are trying to get in touch with PR of Accenture, We will post more info soon.

  12. ITman itajooba  It’s lokmat times nashik edition

  13. itajooba Thank you ! I got it. Keep sharing such great infromation. Here is the epaper link if anyone interested. 
    Indeed it’s great news and I am really excited to know further details as soon as it’s published :)

  14. Dear All,

    I am looking to shift to Nahsik from Mysore. Are there currently any good openings for SOftware Testing stream (8+ yrs) experience?

    Kindly let me know if any suitable openings are there.

    Rahul G.

  15. mibgaidhani  You can look for job at

  16. itajooba varundabke  Any Update on this?

  17. itajooba varundabke  Any Update on this ?

  18. NASHIK_ITMAN itajooba varundabke Any information on IT setup in Nashik?

  19. itajooba varundabke any update on this?

  20. Exactly when Accenture is coming in Nashik and at which location? any updates ?

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