Central Jail products will be sold in Nashik city malls

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Fewer populaces believe in supporting a noble cause. People do look at the news, but sadly only about 1 % of the public truly makes a conscious effort to support a cause.  The Nashik Road Central Prison administration plans to put up the artefacts made by the jail inmates up for sale in malls in Nashik city this Diwali. Diwali melas organized by the prison on Jail road in the past have garnered an excellent response, which impelled the administration to take over 40 artefacts being made by the inmates out to malls. “Customers know that the products are made in the jail not with profit in mind and will, therefore cost less. They also know that these artefacts are of good quality.” A prison official said. The inmates are made to follow a thorny trail to produce goods on their strength of will, determination and hard work. So the effort that goes in making these products is tremendous.

Handwork goes in when you start from scratch

Handwork goes in when you start from scratch

The prison official confirmed the news that the Central Jail products will be sold in Nashik city malls. He shared, “We are in talks with malls for counters on their premises from where the inmate’s products may be sold. There is also going to be an exhibition of industrial products in the city for Diwali, where we will try to put up a stall with our products.” Among the products that the jail inmates make are jeans and cotton shirts, pillow covers, carpets, bags, riyals, mirrors, cooking stoves, flower pots, Diwali lamps, key chains, belts and leather footwear. The raw materials they are given is rich in quality, this is where there is no counterfeit in the quality of the products they sell. I salute to the jail inmates for the additional endeavour that they have indulged in. Some people unselfishly work for the betterment of the society, which is why it makes them rise to a superior level in life and reach the skies. Our junta will definitely respect this magnanimous quality of the inmates.

Jail inmates designing clothes from a bundle

In the meantime, the head office of prisons in the state has decided to create a logo of its own for these products, since the products sold are giving an outstanding response. The officials want to establish these products on a public platform by giving it a brand name and the logo of which will be the initials of Maharashtra Karagruha in devnagri script. The price and place of manufacture, too, will be engraved on the products along with the logo. Prison inmates facing a sentence of over a year in jail are taught trades such as carpentry, making chemicals to manufacture soaps and tailoring for three months, before being made to work independently. This is when they shift the focus of inmates from criminal act to a noble cause by engaging them in such activities. As told by the officials, the inmates are under duress to perform these activities to equip them with the skill necessary for earning their means once out of jail. This will ultimately benefit them and their family members in their future. This is done only for the angel in you to rise again. After all you are sent to jail to recuperate your senses and toss it out the criminal in you.

Let us all gather at mall this Diwali and buy these products to help the inmates reach a level of self-satisfaction. Let’s all give them a burly push of confidence in whatever they are doing to support their family.  I am undeniably going to support the cause, will you??

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