Culmination of Evil!!

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DSC_9206 copy‘The victory of good over evil’, marked as Dusshera or Vijayadashmi is one of the significant festivals in our Hindu Culture. It marks the victory of Lord Rama over King Ravana to save goddess Sita. Different parts of India celebrate this auspicious day by creating a replica of King Ravanaand destroying it, concluding the victory. They exchange a leaves ofAapta tree wishing each other a bright and prosperous year. Also, there is great demand for marigold flowers during this occasion.

DSC_9172 copyThe demon kidnapped goddess Sita from Nashik and hence people in Nashik celebrate the destruction of the demon with great enthusiasm. Page 3 Nashik witnessed the festive celebration held in the locality of Gandhinagar, Nashik Road. More than 1000 people were present to witness the celebration. The event took place at 6.00pm and continued till 8.30pm.

DSC_9190 copy

Mr. Chhaggan Bhujbal and other eminent personalities were present for the culmination of the evil. The ground was decorated with lights and fireworks. This event was organized by ‘Ramleela Committee’ and was their 57th year of its celebration. The replica of the demon was 55 feet tall. A group of youngsters enacted to depict a part of the Ramayana. The ‘Ramleela’ was about the victory of Lord Rama.

A small arrangement of amusement rides was arranged and attracted most of the people. Page 3 Nashik was privileged to attend this massive and traditional Dusshera Celebration and we get you an exclusive coverage of the happy ending!!

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