Fadnavis visits Hailstorm-Hit Nashik

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Recently Nashik had been hit by unseasonal rains and hailstorms. The cash crops and the seasonal grape farms were majorly affected. A day after unseasonal rains, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis visited the affected regions in Nashik and also assured them that the government would immediately announce a separate financial package for the affected farmers across the region. He said,” The Government will announce a relief package on Monday; stops recovery of power dues and loans immediately.”

Affected crops by the heavy rains and Hailstorm

Affected crops by the heavy rains and Hailstorm

Fadnavis with his members visited Niphad, Dindori and Chandwad towns in Nashik district. He visited the farmers residing Talegaon in Dindori and experience the display of emotions by farmers who dumped the damaged grapes in front of his vehicles. They surrounded the CM demanding 100% loan waiver. The CM heard them patiently saying that the government has sincere intentions to help the affected farmers and also assured a separate package for rainfall affected peoples will be announced during the on-going winter Assembly sessions in Nagpur.

According to the sources from a district headquarters, due to this unseasonal heavy rain, there was an extensive destruction of cash crops like wheat, grapes, pomegranate, onion and chilies that were near for harvesting.

Malegaon, Yeola, Nandgaon and Devla tehsils were the regions that were severely affected. Mr. Fadnavis stated,” Our Government stands by the farmers and extends complete support to them”.

Adding to that, he said,” “I am aware that since past few years, the farmers in the region have been battling against natural calamities. The government will take steps to work on a long-term solution,” and promising that recovery of power dues and loans from the farmers will be stopped immediately.

Fadnavis said that the state Government will talk with the meteorological department and develop technology to pre-empt such hailstorms in future.

“Being a technological aspiring state, Maharashtra could make use of technology to limit the losses done by natures. We will work with a meteorological department and try to develop a technology which will tell us if there is going to be a hailstorm at a particular place. That will certainly help us limit losses. If it is needed, we will even take help from the Centre,” He concluded.

Throwing light on a very recent example of a farmer who had built a shed for vineyard grapes and thus was able to protect his crop, Fadnavis stated,” we may not able to avert a natural calamity but we can be better prepared to reduce the losses caused by it.”

The CM, hopefully added, “Do not lose hope and think negative. Even if the calamity is huge and challenge is bigger, we shall definitely find a way out.”

The hailstorm has really created havoc in the district and the honourable CM’s words would quench the demand of the affected farmers. Page3Nashik supports the affected farmers and prays for their best in coming future and also request not to take any negative footstep.


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