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Great news for the citizens of Nashik!! The Maharashtra Pollution Board Control (MPCB) recently declared that there has been no harm or deterioration to Godavari River in the fresh bid to lord Ganesha during the Ganesh festival. The water sample was taken before and after the festival and it has been judged that the quality of water has not faced any troubles this year.

One of the MPCB official announced that “While the quality of water has not declined over the past two years during the festivities, this year, the deterioration was even less,” a MPCB official said. “The DO should be above 4mg and BOD between 4-6mg for the water to remain of good quality.”

6878615-lgThis year the incessant rains helped in flushing out the waste collected and the impurities in the water. Also, the initiative taken by the NMC department to immerse idols in artificial ponds helped to minimize the water to pollute. It was observed that this year most of the citizens were alert and willingly immersed idols and prayer waste in the artificial ponds created and the awareness among the people seemed to get better this time.

According to the statistics, last year the NMC and other non-governmental bodies collected 1.25 lakh idols and 20 tonnes of nirmalya from citizens. Idols immersions were banned at Ramkund and the ITI Bridge. A mind wobbling figure of 1.40 lakh idols and 57 tonnes of nirmalya this year have seriously curbed the pollution to a great extent.

The initiative of the NMC and the support of the citizens of Nashik have led to a safe and a pollution free environment.

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