Hausla celebrated Diwali 2014 by feeding 125 homeless people

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Homeless people residing under banks of river Godavari

Homeless people residing under banks of river Godavari

Hausla”, an eminent NGO in Nashik, firmly believes in helping out those in need. Taking their philosophy forward, in yet another heart-touching initiative, Hausla decided to serve homeless people residing on the banks of river Godavri near Ramkund, Panchvati. They organized an event on October 23, on the day of Diwali, where Hausla celebrated Diwali 2014 by serving Biryani to 125 needy people and made them believe that there exists a seraph troupe on earth who desires for a gratifying and fulfilling Diwali for them.

Hausla aims to bring the society together to show compassion and appreciation towards the gifted children in the society. They yearn for a change in the perception of the citizens of India towards the underprivileged class and also mentally challenged children, thus conferring equal respect for them in the eye of general public. With this contemporary belief, the meticulous volunteers of Hausla decided to celebrate a pollution-free Diwali this year by not bursting crackers, instead serving food to the disadvantaged people living on the banks of a river Godavri. The deliberation of volunteers to celebrate a festival extravagantly with their family was not even on their charts, this is when a N. G. O. prolifically executes all the good deeds consequently.

Volunteers of Hausla feeding needy people

Volunteers of Hausla feeding needy people

Hausla decided to collect some amount of money from each of their beatific volunteers and buy food for the needy. People who volunteering aided for this poignant event to be a successful one is Nishit Atal, Tejas Chavan, Ashish Sachdev, Kashish Hemnani, Abhik Wadhwa, Rohit Laddha, Akash Raichura, Akshay Diwedi.  These volunteers must be the archangels for those needy homeless people residing on the banks of the river. One of volunteers said “We wanted Diwali to be different this time. So a few volunteers from Hausla decided to execute an event on Diwali, that will not only bring about a smile on our faces but also bring about a smile on the faces of people who are deprived of happiness to be with their families and also deprived of food on most of the days of the year.” That is what I call a noble cause!! One of the poor ladies, standing in the queue for food, had a saying about this heartwarming act, “Lagta hai ache din aagaye”.

A grand salute to Hausla for conducting a righteous event and helping the society change their insight about needy people, that even they deserve a LIFE. Hausla manifested the existence of homeless people on the most imperative festival of our country or even on any random day of the year and gave them their share of respect in the society. We thoroughly appreciate Hausla’s efforts to make this society a better place to live in. The same event will be conducted today, that is 27th of Oct 2014 at 10 p.m. on Ganga Ghat. I request denizens of Nashik to please contribute their bit to the society by supporting this congenial cause and also remove some time to feed needy people in our city. This will not only help us to lessen the gap between the poor and rich but will also help us understand the underprivileged people living in the society.


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