Heavy Rains – Records 100% rainfall – 2013

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The incessant rains in Nashik this September since 3 days has already received 701 mm till Monday, whereas the average annual rainfall is secured at 650 mm in the city. In 2008, a similar situation was observed where the city received 1097.1 mm of rainfall.

The Nashik observatory at Maharashtra Engineering and Research Institute (MERI) notified that over past 6 years, thrice the city has received 100% rainfall. According to the hydrology department, Nashik witnessed 100% rainfall in the year 2010 when the rainfall was recorded at 688.7 mm, while in 2008 the annual rainfall recorded was 1,097.1 mm when rains were active all months, except June. In 2008, the rains were inactive in month of June while in 2010 it was most active in June.


“The average annual rainfall in the city is 650 mm and the rain-gauge crossed that mark on September 21. This has happened for the third time since 2008 that the city weather station has recorded 100% rainfall, and has been the best rainfall since 2008 when the rain gauge had measured 1,097.1 mm,” the officials from the hydrology department said.

As reported by the weather department, the city has observed a steady rainfall. In the month of sowing, July, the rains recorded are 233 mm of rainfall and currently heavy rains in late August and early September. From this year there are digital rain gauges installed at all circle offices, 92 of them in the city to get the exact records of the rainfall in throughout the city.

We will be soon bidding good-bye to these rains and are thankful to have their massive presence this year.

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