5 reasons why Nashik youth believes in earn and learn

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Nashik city, we belong to a smaller city but the talent in our city is colossal and the dreams to reach the pinnacle are large. Since the opportunities are less in a smaller city, people often stalk for extracurricular or other means to earn and in turn, learn. One of the major instincts which Nashik youth believes in earn and learn. The objective of this scheme is to develop oneself into a versatile personality with academic excellence and a commitment to a democratic society. Parents often expect their children to be a box full of talent. In fact, talent SHOULD be induced in them from the time they are a fetus. But that’s in a denial league for some. I wondered if ‘should’ was another disease plaguing the teens, which are under the pressure of earning at a small age. I call it ‘Reminiscent of an early bird’.  Earn and learn is the basic funda teens from Nashik follow to hammer manifold of talents in you and to welcome potential opportunities that crawl your way in the upcoming years. Let’s showcase 5 reasons why nashik youth believes in earn and learn:

  • To develop multifaceted personality: Do you want a PhD degree with no practical knowledge or a simple graduation degree with a multifaceted personality? I don’t want to contradict the statement that educating yourself is not important, but at the same, what is the use of educating yourself so much when you can’t answer a basic question asked by your examiner. This is called lack of practical knowledge. So why not throw yourself in an Indian Ocean of talents while you are about to learn swimming?
    Youth at drama to develop their personality in any way possible

    Youth at drama to develop their personality in any way possible

  • To discover your most distinctive talent:Let’s not waste time in discovering yourself after your studies are over. By then, you are too old to get married and take decisions on your own. Discover what you truly are doing on this earth while you are in your teens. It helps you with speedy mending in case of a catastrophe and to deal with the malicious society, where India is a country with two-faced people living in gigantic magnitude.  Throw away the diaper that sticks to you and be a man.
    Students at a brain storming session in school trying to discover their talents

    Students at a brain storming session in school trying to discover their talents

  • Earn while you are hatching: Mr. Narendra Modi, a living legend, realized his worth while he was selling tea at his shop once. If he can be the President of India now, then expect everything out of nothing. That’s what Mr. Modi believes in, “zindagi main kuch bhi ho sakta hai boss”. So why demoralize yourself just because you are a little birdie in your mummy’s bubble-like nest. Parents are swollen with pride with even a 100 rupee note earned all by you. That’s spirit you have to get hitched to.
    Earn at an early age and learn at any age

    Earn at an early age and learn at any age

  • Vision to contribute to your civil society: While you are earning and learning, you are in due course contributing your bit to the civil society. Donate every bit of your massive talent to the society. Since Nashik is not as big a city, bequeath yourself to make it big. This is when you touch the peerless skies and grow as a good human being.
    Students at Mc Donald's to contribute their itsy-bitsy to the society

    Students at Mc Donald’s to contribute their itsy-bitsy to the society

  • Develop a work culture in you: Your right attitude will land you in a Louis Vuitton store. So working with the professionals at an early age will mould you in a precisely defined contour.  Professionals induce the right attitude, poise and mannerism in you, thus motivating you to become the next Bill Gates. It also increases skills in the areas like study, office work, technical work and field work. Flexibility to do any kind of work arises in you.

Nashikites are very possessive about their city. They want to contribute their bit even when they are of miniature sizes. Nashikites are fanatical about developing their city into one of major constituencies of India. So they are exploring their talent to establish business enterprises to make this city commercially big and a money-making bank to invest in. I request all the parents to persuade their children in earning and learning.

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