Nashik Youth develops mobile app for information on polling centres

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A 22-year-old youth in Nashik has developed a mobile app for information on polling centres which will greatly assist the voters to easily search information regarding their polling centre in the state.

“To use the mobile app for information on polling centres, the  the voters can download the ‘Matdar Yadi App’ (voters list app) from Google playstore through android operating system on their mobile phones,” says data scientist Shrikant Nimbalkar, who recently completed his degree from Johns Hopkins University in the US.


Voting polls

“If a voter wants to search the address and number of the polling centre, he will require to open ‘matdar yadi’.
After selecting the district and constituency and filling in the required information, and then pressing search button, the address of the person’s polling centre would be displayed,” he said.
The youth, who has trained in web development and business intelligence, said he made this ‘app’ to solve the problems faced by voters in getting information about their polling centres ahead of the polls.

The mobile app for information on polling centres would be beneficial for those voters who have enrolled in the electoral list at the last moment and want to get information quickly about their polling centre, he said.

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