No load shedding in nashik

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NASHIK: After reviewing the feeder-wise losses for a month till January 10, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company has announced that Nashik city will have no load-shedding. This includes urban I and urban II divisions, but areas, especially those in the rural parts, serviced by eight feeders will be subjected to load-shedding for longer durations.

The state’s plan for load-shedding free Maharashtra is yet to take any shape, but the strategy of the power company to segregate feeders loss-wise and subject the heavy loss making feeders to more hours of load shedding has started yielding results.

Accordingly, since customers in both the divisions of Nashik city have maintained a good record of payment and there were less power thefts, it resulted in lesser distribution and commercial losses. While urban I, on an average, has always been in category A, urban II (Nashik Road and surrounding rural areas) has jumped from category B to D with the exception of two feeders which fall in category E.

“The feeders in Nashik urban I and urban II both have been declared as load-shedding free after the current evaluation of feeder-wise losses. In Nashik Rural areas there are several feeders which have to face the music for unimpressive performance and that also means that the company will be taking measures to improve their status as well,” a senior official from the company said.

The feeders, which fall in category A to E, have been declared load-shedding free, but those in F, G1, G2, G3 will continue to face load shedding. The feeders in G1 category will face load shedding for 6.15 hours, G2 for 7 hours and G3 for nine hours. Some feeders in Manmad, Yeola, Nandgaon have been subjected to power cuts from six hours to nine hours per day besides other areas facing load shedding for less than two hours a day.

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