‘No Parking’ zone at Untawadi stretch

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The City Centre Mall, located at Untawadi Road, Nashik is one of the most visited and chaotic places in the city. The multi-purpose mall is surrounded by a busy route leading to heavy traffic. Despite of having adequate parking facilities, the vehicles are parked on adjacent roads or opposite to the mall.

cityConsidering the commute woes and to give a break to this chaos, the city police Commissioner has declared the stretch of road opposite to the City Centre Mall a No-Parking zone.

The residents residing in that area face problems. Heavy traffic is observed on the stretch from Quality Foods Corner to MICO Guest House due to illegal parking. On this a resident of the Untawadi Road area said, “Although there have been reports of motorcycle thefts from the area, the practice of parking the vehicles opposite the mall has not stopped. Many people have also lodged complaints of logos on their cars getting stolen. This move will certainly prevent thefts in the future”.

A senior official of police department said, “A large number of people visited the City Centre Mall no-parking-hdrsituated along the Untawadi Road and despite parking arrangements made inside the mall, they continued to park vehicles at Lavhatenagar, in the Usha Kiran Housing Society area and in front of the square opposite the mall. This not only causes traffic congestion, but is also an inconvenience to the residents of the area.The police commissioner said that they have decided to declare the stretch as a no parking zone. Motorists found violating the order would face legal action.”

The declaration of ‘No Parking’ at Untawadi stretch will ease the traffic and resident issues quotes an official.

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