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“Go Green”, as it is rightly said, the students of National Cadets Corps (NCC) and the National Service Scheme (NSS) wing of KTHM College took an initiative to implement this and observe ‘No Vehicle Day’ every Saturday. They appealed for it to the students, teachers and the non-teaching staff of the college. This will come in action as the college re-opens after Diwali Holidays.

no-vehiclePrincipal Dileep Dhondge, KTHM College, announced this on Thursday at a seminar arranged by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA). He informed that, “The decision has been taken by the students and the administration will extend all help required for the movement. However, the students will lead the campaign and not the administration, meaning that the students will have to take the message to fellow students and teachers, appealing them to observe ‘No Vehicle Day’ and take only mass transportation on Saturdays. However, nobody will be compelled to follow and the campaign will be completely voluntary in nature”.

A road skit was performed by the students of NCC and NSS at 5 different locations in the city where they spread the word to save fuel and the users were asked to shut down their engines when at traffic signals. Also the prominent personalities like Rajesh Balani and R L Tailor from PCRA, assistant commissioner of police Sanjeev Thakur and assistant regional transport officer (RTO) Satish Mondola, along with others, were present during this road show.saturday

Many other sensible measures were put forth by Rajesh Balani and R L Tailor such as increasing registration charges for the Sports Utility Vehicles and other private vehicles, lowering the tax on public transport, boosting ethanol blended and biodiesel powered vehicles for clean and efficient usage of fuel and restricting the usage of private vehicles and promote public transportation for efficient usage of fuel.

We hope that Nashikites give a thought on this proposed activity ‘No Vehicle Day’ and make Nashik a greener and healthy city.

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