Off Street Parking at Nashik Road

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The state’s first off street parking project to be set up at Nashik Road.

The parking woes are not new to Nasikites. Every inch of the road is occupied by a either a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler which causes disturbance to the flow of traffic and causes annoyance. In the current scenario, parking problems has reached the peak levels. The number of vehicles in the city is rising and the city’s limits are falling short to adapt those.

Messy Parking usually seen in the city

Messy Parking usually seen in the city

But there is a ray of hope for those living at the Nashik Road area in the form of off street parking. Alike the parking system in western countries, the state’s first off street parking model is to be launched at Nashik Road shortly. The details of the model have been sent for approval and it could be a real solace for Nashik Road people if the plan gets the approval.

The divisional Corporator of Nashikroad Mrs Sangita Gayakwad and Hemant Gayakwad had taken the initiative to launch this off-street parking model at Nashikroad and recently showed the architectural plan to Mr Raj Thackeray. The chief of presidium Mr Rahul Dikle had been ordered to give the feedback regarding this off street parking project.

The off street parking would be established in coming 6 months from Regimental Plaza to Gayakwad mala.  This type of parking is commonly seen in the western countries like Rome, London, Paris, Dubai and Brazil. Corporator Hemant Gayakwad has studied enthusiastically for about a month and had developed an architectural design for off street parking.

Off street parking project outline

Community living is all about give and take. If you park your car in a wrong way, it can come back to haunt you especially and can be quite damaging when you are in an emergency situation. Same is the trouble when parking on the roadside. Off street parking could change the dimensions and ways of traditional parking. It could be a good solution for the current parking woes in the city.

On both the sides of road, a 15 feet space is compulsory left. Of which 7 feet is going to be used for this off street parking project and 25 pitches are going to be made. When any citizen comes, he/she would park the car in this 7 feet space which means there would not be any problem for mainstream traffic. The off street parking is made in D shape. The rain water harvesting system would be made additionally on this D shape off street parking. On both the sides of road in front of every shop same colour paver blocks are going to be displayed.

Off street parking could be a great initiative to end up the parking issues running in the city.

Page3Nashik wishes and hopes for the off street parking project to get on the floors as soon as possible.

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