Padsad School on a mission to make Nashik hearing impaired friendly

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Padsad School for Deaf children had organized an awareness rally to make Nashik friendly for hearing impaired children  on Wednesday November 19 at Cidco. The rally started at 3.30 pm. Their mission was simply to awaken the denizens of Nashik for the acceptance of hearing impaired masses in the society respectfully and also accept them as “friends”.

Padsad School started in 1992 with two students named, Moni Pawar and Sweety Pawar, who inaugurated the rally. The rally started from Padsad School at Cidco and continued till 3 km stretch with 100 hearing impaired children as participants. The other motive of this rally was to celebrate Children’s Day on 15th November for hearing impaired children, which ultimately led to an extravagant celebration of five days. The celebration included activities such as drawing, craft, rangoli, dances, lezim performances and snake show for hearing impaired children. People who wholeheartedly supported the rally were Suchita Saundhankar (Principal of Padsad School), Sujata Saundhankar (Founder and director of the School), Shantanu Saundhankar and volunteers of Hausla NGO. Padsad School further conducted hearing impaired campaigns in other schools for an awakening agenda among the other children too and thus, welcoming hearing impaired children in their life.

One of the volunteers of Hausla, Jagbir Singh said, “The motive behind this rally is to simply spread the message of love and care for hearing impaired children in the society. These children don’t need sympathy, they just need friends.” The gusto among these children was tremendously high. 3 years old hearing impaired child named Joele Fadge was howling and clapping loudly during the rally to express happiness. Harshal Mahajan, 15 years old student from the school, gave out a speech during the rally “Be our friends and be united. We belong to the same society, don’t consider us different. I am totally independent in spite of the hearing impairment and need no help to survive in this society. Accept us and see the magic.”

The slogans held by the hearing impaired children read aloud ‘consider us your friend’, ‘we need your support not sympathy’, be friendly to the hearing impaired’, thus the participants grabbed the attention of the crowd by their silent communication.  Further activities of Padsad School include a program where International speakers will be coming down from Chennai to interact with the parents of hearing impaired children at Tulsi Eye Hospital near Dwarka on 23rd November. This activity is for the parents to understand their children in a distinctive way.

Such rallies are conducted for children with abnormal abilities for them to be willingly accepted in the society. So open your arms to these children and help them lead a dignified life.

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