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It is one of the long lived practices not only in Nashik but the country as a whole. Yes, we are talking about the in-disciplined rickshaw policies. Nashik being one of the fastest developing cities is also facing the major problem of rickshaw drivers carrying passengers in the front seats event after many impositions and bans.

To avoid the scenario where lives are on risk the regional transport office (RTO) will soon start a campaign against the auto rickshaw drivers. The campaign is basically driven to stop the auto-rickshaw drivers to allow passengers to sit in the front seats as it is illegal and causes accidents. The campaign is expected to be executed in a week.Bandra-station

In spite of the passengers paying complete fare, this practice is extensive in many areas such as Gangapur Road, College Road, Shalimar to Nashik Road, Satpur to CBS, Ambad to CBS road. An entrepreneur of the city, in Nashik-road area said, that front seat passengers are not seen in cities like Mumbai and Pune.

The RTO officer Mr. Jeeven Bansod announced, “Auto-rickshaw drivers found carrying passengers on the front seat will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000. If he is booked for a similar offence again, the auto-rickshaw’s permit will be suspended for 10 days. Although we are yet to finalize the date for this campaign, we hope to implement it within a week. Strict action will be taken against offenders.”

It is expected from the citizens of Nashik to support this campaign as it is in every individuals favor. The rules and regulations must be strictly followed is what the official expect and request.

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