Sanskruti 2013- A true extravaganza!

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The 3rd edition of Sanskruti, an art and musical extravaganza took place on 9th and 10th November, 2013 and as expected achieved great response from Nashikites as well as outsiders. The 2 day event grabbed almost 3000 people at Sula winery and the much appreciated traditional setup was an icing on the cake.

Sanskruti 4

The event kicked off at 3.00pm and continued till 10.00pm. The dynamic line up of various artists, Sculptor from Aurangabad (Ganesh Chatre), painters won hearts of the audiences. People curiously gathered around various merchandise stalls. Ms. Swati Tiwari, a tarot card reader, after a massive response quoted, “This is the first time I have participated in a public event and the response of people towards tarot cards has been very encouraging for me. People have been really excited about getting to know about tarot cards’.  Mr. Satish Borade, proud owner of ‘My Thoughts’ second the same thought and was encouraged as it was his first participation in such a great public affair.

The cultural fest also extended their support to many social activists and organizations like Sharan institute who exhibited some pets for free adoption; Nashik based NGO- Imad and NAB- National Association for blind, etc. Other attractions included live sketching, painting, pottery, bangle making and much more. Parents enjoyed their space whereas the kids were busy enjoying camel rides, games like marbles (gotya), Lingorcha, topspin, etc.Sanskruti 2

First day of the event (9th November) witnessed famous poets Mr. Saleel Kulkarni along with Mr.Sandeep Khare. The duo performed ‘Ayushyavar Bolu Kahi’, a very famous musical performance and much loved by the Marathi community. This being their first performance at Sula’s amphitheatre, the artists loved the ambience. This was an open air performance and had a huge turnout.

Mr. Shridhar Phadke, a well known artist performed on the 2nd day singing his classics such as Yei o Vithhale, Sakhi Mand Jhalya Tarakha, Mi Radhika, Ghanrani, Dev Devaryat nahi. People did not leave their seats as the mesmerizing tunes captured their souls.

Sanskruti 6

The art curator of Sanskruti 2013, Mr. Ruchir Panchakshari, owner of Ruchir Art Gallery, said ‘This is one of the finest experiences and it has been wonderful for me and the painters who are working with me’. He was accompanied by his painters Ankit Sharma, Kiran Borse, Sudhir Kumbhar from Aurangabad, Salonee Thakre, Sudhir Kumbhar, Harsh Beldar, Siddharth Dharane and others.Sanskruti 3


Page 3 Nashik captured beautiful moments of the peppy yet soothing Sankruti-2013 and gets you an exclusive footage! Cheers!


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