Solar traffic signals to operate in Nashik

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The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has powered two divisional offices with solar system in order to conserve electricity in Nashik. Now, the NMC plans to operate all the traffic signals in the city on solar energy. The work in this regard will be completed till the month of March.

The NMC, in its current economic year, has fitted solar energy apparatus at their CIDCO and Nashik Road offices Trivandrum-Traffic-Light-1024x682with the expenditure of Rs 1.10 crore. Approximately 80 per cent of electricity would be conserved due to the initiative. The life of the solar energy apparatus is approximately between 20 to 22 years. Fifteen Kilowatt of electricity gets generated through the equipment. Electricity generated in the panel directly travels to tube lights and fans. All lights around the offices and staircase areas will be lit using batteries in the night. The system will run by electric source in the rainy season in case of inadequate solar energy.

The work of fitting panels and timers to all the solar traffic signals in the city will be done in this financial year. All old lamp-shades are replaced with the new power saver heads which work on LED (light emitting diode). The 100-Watt bulbs were being used in the old lamp-shades which are to be replaced by 18-Watt LED bulbs. One signal has a total load of 1200 Watt. On using the LED, the load will decrease to 230 Watt which amounts to 80 per cent energy conservation. The signals will run without any hurdle in the rainy season through electric supply from electricity companies.

Countdown equipment is going to be fitted to the signals in the city. This will give the vehicle drivers an idea to keep their vehicles on or off. Hence, if vehicles will remain off for some time, there fuel would be conserved.
This green initiative by NMC for Nashik to use alternative source aims at energy conservation and a boon for the city.

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