Story of a Mt. Everest achiever-Mr. Umesh Zirpe

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IMG_62388th December was the day for Nashikites to experience adventure of climbing the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest. ‘Uttamachya Bhetila (Unite with Excellence)’, an interview event organized by Jagar Manacha and Srujan Consultants, gave the opportunity to meet Mr. Umesh Zirpe, the dynamic leader of India’s first ever civilian Everest expedition. The event took place at Shankaracharya Dr. Kurtakoti Hall. Mr. Sachin Joshi, a respected Educationalist and founder of School on Wheel project was the chief guest.

Uttamachya Bhetila (Unite with Excellence) is one of the segments through which “Jagar Manacha-Transforming Attitude, Transforming People & Transforming Organization” is making its contribution to charge today’s young potential. The motif behind organizing this interview event was connecting youngsters to their role models who have faced and overcome the adversities to achieve their dreams. To give youth an inspiration and direction to focus their potential, Mr. Zirpe, was invited. The theme of yesterday’s interview was ‘Leadership’. Mr. Shantanu Gune, IMG_6285founder of Jagar Manacha and a management consultant explored various leadership attributes through his exclusive questionnaire and Mr. Zirpe gave responses based on his thrilling endeavours. A passionate mountaineer narrated his journey from being a timid boy who was afraid of the dark to being a visionary leader who dreamt an impossible task of leading 21 enthusiasts and managing the funding of 3.5 cr to conquer the Everest. He told the audience how he nurtured his inclination to the mountains which he had from his childhood. Mr. Zirpe emphasized the importance of self-esteem to realize one’s dream. The audience was mesmerized when Mr. Gune showed a 28min video clip of Mr. Zirpe’s  Everest expedition. Dreaming, self-inspiration, accepting the challenges, competency development, team building and awareness were some of the leadership attributes which were focused.

IMG_6291It was a great opportunity for young leaders and entrepreneurs to take a deep glance at the “Everest Leader”. The 2:30 hr show kept audience enchanted with the skilful give and take of both interviewer as well as the interviewee. Jagar Manacha, the social stream of Srujan Consultants, hosts such interview events twice a year to motivate young minds. Apart from Uttamachya Bhetila (Unite with Excellence), Jagar Manacha organizes various sessions, workshops on Performance Excellence and Leadership Development. Their focus being today’s young minds, they are actively working with various educational institutes to develop young leaders.

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