Weather fluctuations in Nashik

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The citizens are facing extreme seasons — cold temperature at night and dawn and extreme heat — during the day. This phenomenon is adversely affecting their health as clinics and hospitals are seen full of out-patients. Nashik temperatures have dropped to 11.2’C , therefore citizens experienced chill in the weather on Sunday early morning and scorching heat during the rest of the day.

44267250The weather bureau has predicted that the chill will persist for one week while there will be an increase in the heat soon after.
One can see people covered in scarves and sun coats while walking or driving during the day on city roads.The sale of cold drinks have also increased considerably in the past few days. 2 days ago, the city’s maximum temperature touched 33’C. Weather bureau predicted that the summer season will start by February end.

The lowest temperature recorded this season was 6.7’C on January 18. Meanwhile, people are seen rushing to see doctors as viral infections due to sudden weather change have become common in the city.
Minimum temperatures last week (in centigrade)
February 5: 12.6
February 6: 12.8
February 8: 12.0
February 9: 11.2
Let’s hope that this chilly weather does not take a toll on the routine of Nashikites.

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